Executive Seminar: Leading a Transformational Data Strategy – Virtual Live

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Senior leaders and executives tasked with driving improvements – increasing profits, building efficiencies, cutting costs, driving growth, improving customer retention and satisfaction – using data and analytics.

Analytics is no longer just the realm of IT. Business analysts, data scientists, senior leadership, and managers all now must be able to understand and leverage analytics at their level to make an impact on the organization.

Leaders that understand how to derive value from data and lead teams to do the same are in very short supply, and worth their weight in gold.

In this course you will gain a high-level view of this topic.


  • How to have success with analytics as a leader
  • How to lead transformational change with data
  • How to realize real business outcomes and measurable improvements

What You Will Learn

  • Why most corporate reporting is broken
  • Tying business objectives to day-to-day work, helping employees see how their work connects
  • How to look for, hire, and train analytical aptitude in employees
  • Analytics, data science, AI, Machine Learning, predictive analytics, BI – don’t get lost in the jargon, learn how to apply the right tools and methods to the right problems

Supporting Materials

  • Becoming an Effective Data Leader reference book
  • The Ninja Analyst Checklist
  • The High Impact Data Visualization Checklist

Seminar Outline

Foundational Understanding of Data and Analytics in Business
• Foundations of analytics
• Understanding the landscape of how data moves
• What kinds of questions can be asked (measurement and finding relationships), what types of
information are available, what types of analysis can be run, what kinds of problems can be solved?

Common Organization Challenges with Data
• Assessing reliability and truthfulness of data
• Addressing data lineage, data governance, and metadata management issues
• How to balance ad hoc vs process, and repeatability vs flexibility
• The importance of and how to create common terms and language around data and metrics

Transforming the Organization
• Analysts vs reporting monkeys (you’ll develop one or the other based on the questions you ask and the
deliverables you require of your team)
• Often the most interesting data is missing or inaccessible. How to lead your team to identify this and
gather the data.
• Data science center of excellence vs department data scientists
• How to infuse adaptability into your data team
• How to hire the right skill set
• Central service, shared services, self-service
• Cultural change

Setting and Realizing the Vision
• How to argue effectively and communicate persuasively using data
• What can you do right now to start changing the course of your organization?
• Shared tools and vendors
• Making decisions based on data

Course Information
  • Course Level:Introductory
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:4 CPE hours
  • Fee:$199
  • Length:1/2 day
  • Hours:1:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Delivery:Virtual Live

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