Customer Service Excellence: Building the Foundation of Organizational Success

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Workshop Summary:

Exceptional customer service is paramount to a company’s or organization’s enduring success. A service representative’s ability – or inability – to deliver unparalleled support to its customer base can have a significant impact on the establishment’s customer retention, brand, and overall profitability. The goal is to create a customer service culture that is grounded in understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and presenting an image that reflects confidence, credibility, and capability. At the conclusion of Customer Service Excellence: Building the Foundation of Organizational Success, attendees will possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude to effectively and efficiently manage each facet of the customer service experience, resulting in an increase in satisfaction and loyalty.
5Workshop Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of the importance of exceptional customer service.
  • To identify the overarching principles of customer service excellence.
  • To understand the importance of a first impression and how to create a positive one in the customer service experience.
  • To learn to recognize customers’ styles of behavior and determine how to adapt to each one to create positive interactions.
  • To understand empathy, the role it plays in the customer service experience, and methods to utilize it in various situations.
  • To master the communication skills necessary for success on the phone and in email correspondence.
  • To master the art of active listening, in what is said and not said in every interaction.
  • To learn various questioning skills that will garner necessary information to determine a customer’s attitude, situation, problem, and priorities, resulting in viable solutions and strategies for overall satisfaction.
  • To develop strategies to handle difficult customer situations with tact, professionalism, and diplomacy.
  • To understand audience-centeredness and its impact on the success of each customer service experience.
  • To develop a personal action plan to improve customer service skills.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • The ability to deliver unparalleled customer service in every interaction.
  • The ability to remain audience-centered throughout the customer service experience.
  • The ability to create a positive and credible image for yourself and your company through the customer service experience.
  • The ability to demonstrate professionalism and competency in all facets of communication with customers.
  • A personal action plan to improve upon existing customer service skills.

Workshop Components:

  • A highly-skilled and knowledgeable facilitator with over 25 years of experience educating and empowering others to achieve personal and professional success.
  • A workbook containing Power Point slides, tools, resources, and handouts for use at the conclusion of the session.
  • An action plan template to implement strategies for future success.
  • Interactive discussions, activities, and simulations that allow participants to apply concepts into practice.

Cancellation Policy: 5 working days for full refund. Cancellations after that time are charged full tuition for the course.

For more information regarding refund, concerns, and/or program cancellation policies please contact our offices at 919-878-7100 ext. 22

Course Information
  • Course Level:Basic
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:PDU/PDH/PDC: 7.5
  • Fee:$345
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live

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