Microsoft® Word Crash Course: Learn Word in Two Days!

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This course is offered by group request or onsite.

This course is designed for those who are new to MS Word or have had no formal training.  The course begins with basic shortcuts and advances through the second day to some of the rich features of the software such as using Styles and Templates, performing mail merges, and working with other applications and Word together.


Getting Familiar With The Word 2016 Screen
Creating a New Document
Creating a Document From A Template
Using Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline and Draft Views
Reading and Navigating a Document
Changing The Font, Font Size and Font Default
Formatting Text Using Menus, Font Dialog Box and the Format Painter
Creating and Customizing Bulleted and Numbered Lists with Styles
Using Tab Stops (Default, Left, Right, Center and Decimal)
Setting Page Margins, Paper Size and Page Orientation
Creating, Inserting and Deleting Page Breaks
Creating Watermarks
Adding Headers And Footers that include logos or other objects
Inserting Page Numbers


Creating And Applying Styles
Copying Styles Between Documents
Creating and Modifying Templates
Creating Section and Page Breaks
Creating Columns for an Entire Document, Part of a Document or a Section
Formatting Columns
Creating and Updating a Table Of Contents
Creating a Mail Merges and Data Sources from Excel Datasheets, Word Tables and others
Creating a Form File and Form Letters
Creating Mailing Labels and Envelopes
Performing the Merge to Printer, New Document or Merge to Email
Using Building Blocks and the Building Block Organizer
Adding A Cover Page and a Blank Page
Inserting And Formatting Text Boxes
Customizing Fill Effects
Adding AutoShapes, WordArt, ClipArt, Pictures, Objects and Illustrations
Inserting a Quote Or A Sidebar
Working with SmartArt
Word Automating Features:  AutoCorrect, Quick Spelling and Quick Grammar
Using Word With Excel and PowerPoint
Including an Excel Worksheet In a Word Document
Using an Excel List As A Mail Merge Data Source
Using a Word Outline To Create A PowerPoint Presentation
How To Send A Document As The Body Of An E-Mail Message
How To Send A Document As An Attachment
Working With Object Linking And Embedding (OLE)
Creating a New Embedded Object
Creating a Linked Object /Embedded Object From An Existing File
Creating a Linked Object Using Paste Link
Editing an Embedded Object In The Source Program

Course Information
  • Course Level:Intro-Advanced
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Fee:$695
  • Length:2 days

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