Microsoft® Excel Level 2016 II Intermediate

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This course is the second in the Excel series and is designed to help users display data in graphs and chart, use Headers and Footers and change the format/orientation/alignment on the page for printing, create and format tables with calculations, use Auto and Advanced Filters such as VLOOKUP, AVG, MAX, MIN and find records in a worksheet.  The course includes creating PivotTables with calculated fields, using What-If tables, Scenarios and Problem-Solving.

Course Outline:

Working With Illustrations and Charts
How To Insert a Picture And Apply a Style To It
How To Apply An Artistic Effect To a Picture
How To Apply a Picture Effect
How To Insert Shapes And Apply Styles
How To Rearrange, Show/Hide Objects Using The Selection Pane
How To Insert A SmartArt
How To Use The SmartArt Text Pane
How To Change The Shape In A SmartArt

Creating A Chart
How To Insert a Chart
How To Move a Chart
How To Resize a Chart
How To Change The Chart Type
How To Add, Edit or Remove a Chart Data Source
How To Swap Labels In The Legend With The Horizontal Axis
How To Change The Order Of a Data Series
How To Move An Existing Chart To a New Worksheet

Modifying A Chart
How To Change A Chart Layout And Style
How To Change The Chart Title
How To Change The Axis Titles
How To Change The Legend
How To Insert Data Labels
How To Add a Data Table
How To Change The Axes
How To Change The Gridlines
How To Insert a New Chart Element
How To Delete a Chart

Formatting a Chart
How To Select a Chart Element
How To Format The Chart Elements
How To Format Text In a Chart Using WordArt
How To Change The Text Orientation
How To Change The Color Of a Chart Element
How To Create a Combination Of Chart Types
How To Create a Pie Chart
How To Set The 3-D Rotation
How To Explode a Wedge In A Pie Chart
How To Create a Picture Chart

Setting Up a Page and Printing
How To Insert And Remove a Page Break
How To Set And Clear The Print Area
How To Change The Margin In The Page Layout View
How To Change The Page Orientation
How To Change The Scaling
How To Change The Paper Size
How To Change The Page Margin
How To Align To The Center Of The Page
How To Add A Header / Footer
How To Add An Image As a Watermark

Previewing and Printing
How To Preview The Print
How To Print Active Sheets
How To Print Selected Cells
How To Print A Chart
How To Print Multiple Copies

Creating Tables
How To Create a Table
How To Change The Style Of a Table
How To Create A New Table Style
How To Show Or Hide Table Elements
How To Create A Calculation In a Table
How To Insert And Delete A Table Row
How To Resize a Table
How To Convert A Table To a Range
How To Sort The Data In a Table
How To Perform Multiple Sort
How To Customize The Sort Order

Using The AutoFilter
How To Enable / Disable The AutoFilter
How To Apply / Remove The Filter
How To Customize The Filter

Using The Advanced Filter
How To Define The Criteria Range
How To Use The Advanced Filter
Using Simple Database Functions
How To Find The Sum Of Specific Records Using The Insert Function Button
How To Find The Average Of Specific Records
How To Find The Maximum / Minimum Value Of Specific Records
How To Find The Number Of Records
Using The VLOOKUP Function
How To Use VLOOKUP To Find Data
How To Limit The Lookup Value For An Exact Match
How To Use The Closest Match For The Lookup Value

Creating a PivotTable
How To Create a PivotTable
Updating a PivotTable
How To Update The Information In a PivotTable
How To Change The Layout Of a PivotTable
How To Add An Information Field To a PivotTable
How To Arrange Information In a PivotTable
How To Filter The Report In a PivotTable
How To Filter Specific Records

Working With Calculated Fields In A PivotTable
How To Change The Calculated Field Value Settings
How To Insert a Calculated Field
How To Delete Calculated Fields
How To Show Different Values In A PivotTable
How To Filter a PivotTable With Slicers
How To Format And Delete A Slicer
How To Change a PivotTable Options
Creating A Chart From A PivotTable
How To Create a Chart From a PivotTable
How To Modify a PivotChart

Exploring What-If Tables
How To Create a One Variable What-If Table
How To Create a Two Variables What-If Table

Using Scenarios
How To Create Scenarios
How To Apply a Scenario

Implementing Problem Solving
How To Use The Goal Seek Tool
How To Load Add-Ins
How To Use The Solver Tools

Cancellation Policy: 5 working days for full refund. Cancellations after that time are charged full tuition for the course.

For more information regarding refund, concerns, and/or program cancellation policies please contact our offices at 919-878-7100 ext. 22

Course Information
  • Course Level:Intermediate
  • Prerequisite:Microsoft® Excel Level I Foundations or equivalent knowledge
  • Credit:PDUs: 7.0
  • Fee:$345
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live
  • PMI_Activity_ID:#000339

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