Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills is presented in three 2-hour sections which can be done in the same day or on different days.

Session 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand practical applications of various forms of thinking, from highest order to lowest order
  • Analyze root causes
  • Gain insight about common, often faulty, assumptions we have about problems
  • Garner a basic understanding of risk assessment

Course Outline:

  • Topic Introduction
  • Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Levels of Higher Order Thinking
  • Considering Problems
  • Analyzing:  Challenging Assumptions
  • Analyzing Root Causes:  Five Why Tool
  • Basic Risk Analysis

Session 2

Learning Objectives:

  • Formulate argument statements based on logic
  • Articulate problem statements
  • Separate problems from their effects and symptoms
  • Brainstorm potential solutions to complex problems

Course Outline:

  • Understanding complex topics by sorting out claims, counterclaims and rebuttals
  • Forming problem statements
  • Examining Complex Causes:  Fishbone Diagram
  • Generating Solutions:  Mind Map, Brainstorming

Session 3

Learning Objectives:

  • Narrow Solutions To Most Appropriate With Appropriate Criteria
  • Build Agreement Between Disparate Stakeholders When
  • Considering Multiple Solutions
  • Apply Course Material Back At The Workplace

Course Outline:

  • Establishing Criteria to Examine Solutions
  • Using Criteria to Determine Best Solution
  • Consensus, Voting and Considering Solutions with Disparate Stakeholders
  • Applying Course Materia to a Complex, Multi-faceted Case Study (optional, could be provided by client)
  • Creating Action Plans to Use Critical Thinking Back at the Workplace and for the Benefit of the Organization


Course Information
  • Course Level:Introductory
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:6 hours
  • Fee:Call for pricing or email
  • Length:Three 2-hour sessions, Same day or different days
  • Date:Group Class
  • Hours:Depends upon client preference
  • Delivery:Virtual Live Instructor Led

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