Creating a Communication Toolbox for Professional Success

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Workshop Summary:

How we are perceived and the level of success we achieve in our interactions with others, verbally, nonverbally, and in writing, is within our control. If our goal is to be seen as credible, competent, and valuable to our clients and organization, it is vital to create a Communication Toolbox, filled with the skills and abilities necessary to project a powerful and professional presence.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be educated about the components necessary to make a powerful and enduring impact in all facets of their lives. Additionally, they will participate in thought-provoking discussion and engage in individual and group activities that will allow them an opportunity to apply theory into practice. At the conclusion, those in attendance will leave with a toolbox filled with relevant and applicable methods and strategies that will lead to improved interactions and relationships with others, as well as the ability to become an influential.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To determine current communication practices and areas in need of improvement.
  • To understand the role personal communication practices play in the perceptual process.
  • To understand the factors that enhance, and detract from, one’s personal credibility.
  • To identify the behaviors that affect one’s ability to influence, persuade and lead others to action.
  • To understand emotional contagion and learn how to manage personal triggers that affect interactions with others.
  • To identify strategies to respond to, rather than react to, others’ heightened emotions.
  • To understand audience centeredness and learn how to create messages that others will receive and accept.
  • To master the art of active listening, both in what is said and not said.
  • To understand empathy, the value it serves in building relationships with others, and identify methods to use it in various situations.
  • To identify the most prevalent barriers to communication and determine strategies to overcome them.
  • To create a personal communication action plan to improve interactions with others and build meaningful and lasting business relationships.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive communication toolbox, filled with skills and abilities that will lead to overall success.
  • A thorough understanding of the perceptual process and how actions and behaviors impact one’s credibility.
  • The ability to influence and persuade others to alter existing perspectives and take necessary actions for success.
  • The ability to manage personal emotions as well as those of others.
  • The mastery of a number of vital communication competencies that enable one to present viable and needed solutions to satisfy the needs of others.
  • The ability to demonstrate empathy and determine how to utilize it in various ways for positive outcomes.
  • The ability to overcome barriers to communication for improved, positive interactions with others.
  • A personal communication action plan for future and enduring success.

Workshop Components:

  • A highly-skilled and knowledgeable facilitator with over 25 years of experience educating and empowering others to achieve personal and professional success.
  • A workbook containing PowerPoint slides, tools, resources, and handouts for use at the conclusion of the session.
  • An action plan template to implement strategies for future success.
  • Interactive discussions, activities, and simulations that allow participants to apply concepts into practice.

Cancellation Policy: 5 working days for full refund. Cancellations after that time are charged full tuition for the course.

For more information regarding refund, concerns, and/or program cancellation policies please contact our offices at 919-878-7100 ext. 22

Course Information
  • Course Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:PDU/PDH/PDC: 7.5
  • Fee:$395
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live

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