Data Storytelling with Tableau

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This course is taught by a live virtual Tableau Certified Instructor over the course of 4 half days.  Participants discover how to effectively find and communicate insights in data, with a focus on context, design, communication, and automation. Class will include time for workshopping with your own data to make improvements and create more impactful data-driven narratives.

Please read pre-class Participant Checklist here.


  • Anyone who works with or uses data.
  • Anyone who works with self-service data analysis tools.
  • Anyone who needs to communicate data insights effectively.
  • Anyone who uses data to influence business decisions or actions.


  • Understand how to get the right context for any analysis
  • Understand what kinds of analyses to do
  • Understand common pitfalls of data visualization and storytelling
  • Understand best practices of data visualization and storytelling
  • Understand how to tell a story that actually drives action

Course Outline

  • What keeps the CEO up at night
  • Obtaining context and tying analyses back to key business metrics
  • Common pitfalls of data visualization
  • Best practices of data visualization
  • Using the 5 types of analyses
    • Trends and patterns over time
    • Distributions of data
    • Correlations between variables
    • Geographical and spatial relationships
    • Outliers
  • Understanding story structure and how to create a data story
  • Adding emotional impacts to drive action and change


All students should have prior experience working with data visualization and corporate reporting.

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on work shopping activities
  • Bring your own data on day 2 to apply what you have learned
  • Comprehensive manual with visualization examples
  • Checklists to guide your storytelling journey
    • Example below

The Narrative Checklist

Here’s a checklist (also included in the Appendix) on how to ensure your story is right.

  • Have I clearly identified my audience?
  • Do I know who the highest paid person in the room is? (Their needs always win)
  • Have I gathered the right facts and data?
  • Do I have a clear insight in mind that I want people to take away from this presentation?
  • Have I posed a thought-provoking question, scenario that needs or needed fixing, or otherwise highlighted something that people need to care about?
  • Have I shared something unusual or surprising?
  • Have I added tension by using the rule of 3’s?
  • Have I made it simple and easy to understand? Can they “grok” the message in 10 seconds or less?
  • Have I crafted a creative or memorable metaphor?
  • Have I used the right images to convey impact?
  • Have I thought of anecdotes I can share that are relevant?
Course Information
  • Course Level:Introductory
  • Prerequisite:All students should have prior experience working with data visualization and corporate reporting.
  • Credit:16 CPE hours
  • Fee:$795
  • Length:4 half days, M/T/W/Th
  • Hours:Varies with client
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Hands On, Virtual Live
  • Recommend Field of StudyComputer Software and applications
  • Program Knowledge LevelIntermediate

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