2021 Cyber Security: Everyone Plays a Role

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The Pandemic has forever changed how companies and employees define the “workspace” and now we are all the target from all over the world as Cloud and remote computing has rapidly become the norm. Where we work,  how we work, and the different means of communications that expanded rapidly during the Pandemic has afforded the best of working situations for the employer and the employee. But, the increased use of additional technology has further opened the “Cybersecurity Pandora’s Box”. This security training and development course focuses on cybersecurity as a whole from a macro perspective, but drills down in the most relevant areas that are the most critical to protect companies and their employees from an array of cyber attacks and make sure they are recognized and stopped immediately!

The uniqueness of this session is we will cover not only the electronic devices and media we all use, but also the Social Engineering that is larger than ever as it is combined with social media platforms which have become a requirement for business. In addition, we will review physical facility best practices which not only include traditional office, but working from home and other remote physical locations.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Conduct a review the most common methods of cyber attacks and Identify best practices, key principles, and concepts around electronic, physical, and social attack methods.
  • Learn methods and strategies to protect your workplace and personal data
  • Demonstrate how hackers are attacking organizations from all fronts and from all over the world
  • Recognize and stop the attacks immediately
  • Develop an understanding of how all platforms and devices connect and are potential cyber security risks
  • Review real life attacks and case studies
  • Identify each person’s responsibility in stopping cyber attacks

Cloud Computing, Video Conferencing risk, Social engineering via social medial, MS Word attacks, Penetration methods recognition; Ransomware, IOT (Internet of Things), Facilities protection; Password management; Viruses; Mobile data and devices; Best practices; Incident response; Security services; Risk management; Encryption; Malware; Backups; Protecting all electronic devices; Identity theft; Cyber Insurance; Recommended written policy and procedure, Spear Fishing, Ransomware, W2 Scams, Financial Scams, Catfishing, Public WIFI, Telephone Social Engineering, Support Scams, and Waterhole attacks.

Couse Outline:

  • The Speed of change
  • Threat Landscape and increased Risk
  • Cybersecurity most common data breaches
  • Everyone’s A Target
  • Everything is a Target
  • It’s War!
  • How the Bad Actors Set the Stage
  • Review of Significant Eventshishing/Social Engineering – Set the Table
  • Mobile Devices
  • Social Media
  • Video Conferencing
  • Ransomware
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry Trends
  • How to keep the Bad Actors from Winning
  • What my Organization should be doing!
  • You Are the front Line!

About the instructor:

Randall has been a Senior Instructor with Knowledge Source Inc. for 26 years.  Randall served in a C-Level Position as the Managing Director of Agio’s Security Division until 2017, based in New York City, formerly Secure Enterprise Computing, located in Raleigh, NC. With more than 25 years of continued his development in the field of Cyber Security working as a Consulting Cybersecurity Advisor to Corporations, Government Agencies and Universities, Randall shifted towards training and education.

His experience in the cybersecurity market includes renowned financial institutions, national and international corporations, major universities, the healthcare market and PCI. Over the years, he has served on advisory boards and committees, and won numerous awards including:

  • RSA Reseller Advisory Board
  • Novell Platinum BoardTechnology Committee for the
    National Association of Telephone Dealers (NATA) technology committee
  • North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) Cyber Security Committee and,
  • the Fast 50 CED Award.

In addition, Randall has participated in speaking engagements and panel discussions for organizations including the North Carolina Local Government Information Systems Association (NCLGISA), North Carolina Healthcare Information Alliance (NCHICA), the North Carolina Bankers Association (NCBA), the Southeastern Chapter of the Financial Managers Society, among others.

Randall has been quoted in several publications including:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • CNN Money
  • Fortune
  • Computer Reseller News
  • Featured on the cover of Business Leader Magazine.

He graduated from Campbell University with a degree in Computer Information Science. An avid bicyclist, Randall participates in several charity rides each year supporting MS, diabetes, and cancer research.


Course Information
  • Course Level:Introductory
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:8 CPE hours
  • Fee:$395
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Delivery:Group Live Classroom, Group Live Virtual

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