Microsoft® Excel: Data Lists and Tables with Pivot Tables

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This course will expose the user to the use of data lists and tables where both simple and complex sorting is involved. They will also work with a variety of filters and experience how to create subtotals on their data. In addition, the user will create table field formulas and use spreadsheet formulas that feature table fields. The creation of effective Pivot Tables off of data will also be featured along with a variety of filters and slicers. There will also be an exploration of the Database Function category where criteria can be used to create aggregate functions on list and table data.

Objective: Upon completion of this course the Excel user will be able to effectively sort and filter list and table data, create subtotals on data lists, utilize Pivot Tables, and use DFunctions.

  • Observing a Data List
    1. Sorting data
      1. Simple sorting
      2. Complex sorting
        • Specified custom sorting
      3. Filtering data
        1. Using AutoFilter
        2. Multi-field filters
          • The Advanced Filter
  • Creating Subtotals
    1. Grouping data by sorting
    2. Single and multi-level subtotals
  • Using Tables
    1. Table options
    2. Formula Fields
    3. Using Table Fields in formulas
  • Working with Pivot Tables
    1. One and Two Dimensional Pivot Tables
    2. Filtering data and using Slicers
    3. Grouping data fields
    4. Creating Pivot charts
    5. Using external data sources
  • Using Database Functions
    1. DSUM
    3. DMAX
    4. DMIN
    5. DCOUNT
Course Information
  • Course Level:Basic
  • Prerequisite:Familiarity with Excel
  • Credit:4 CPE hours
  • Fee:$199

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