Microsoft® Excel 2016 Level I Foundations

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Course Outline:

Create an Excel workbook
Become familiar with the Excel screen

Use the Excel Ribbon
Contextual Tabs
Quick Access Toolbar
Shortcut menus
Changing views

Moving around your cursor
Activate a cell
Move within a selected range
Move to other sheets within a workbook

Select a Range of cells
Select a single cell
Select a range of cells
Select columns and rows
Select non-adjacent ranges
Select multiple worksheets

Entering Data Into a Worksheet
Entering text (labels)
Editing text with the formula bar
Replacing contents of cells
Using delete, undo/redo
Using AutoFill to enter data
Customize AutoFill
Use a List to enter data

Using a Simple Formula
Resizing the Formula Bar
Enter a Formula using the keyboard
Enter a cell or Range Reference using the mouse
Using AutoSum to calculate totals
Using Relative References
Using Absolute References

Using Simple Functions
Enter a function directly
Using AutoComplete to create formulas
Turn Formula Autocomplete on and off
Insert other functions using AutoSum button
Using AutoCalculate to do a calculation without a formula

Managing Worksheet Information
Move information using Cut and Paste
Drag and drop information
Copy and paste information
Using Paste options and Paste Live Preview
Copy as a picture
Insert rows/multiple rows
Insert columns/multiple columns
Insert a cell

Managing Workbook Information
Rename a Worksheet
Add a New Worksheet
Rearrange Worksheets
Copy Worksheets
Hide and Unhide Worksheets and Workbooks
Format a Worksheet Tab
Add a Sheet Background

Adjusting Rows and Columns
Adjust Rows and columns using the mouse and the Menu
Hide/Unhide rows and columns
Freeze a column or a row
Split a worksheet into panes

Formatting Cells Using Ribbons
Change the font and font properties
Align data in a cell
Indent data in a cell
Merge cells
Change numbers to percentages
Increase/decrease decimal places
Copy a format using Format Painter

Formatting Cells Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
Double Underline using the Menu option
Align cell data vertically
Change text orientation
Wrap text in a cell
Format numbers as currency
Format dates
Change the background color of a cell
Add an outline border
Draw a border using the mouse
Format a Table quickly

Using Comments
How To Add A Comment Into A Cell
How To Show/Hide Comments Permanently
How To Show/Hide Comment Indicators

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Course Information
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:PDUs: 7.5 CPE: 8
  • Fee:$345
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live

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