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This is a one day walk-through on the basics of the Agile Framework along with a brief introduction to the Scrum Framework. It is designed to help participants understand the Agile Framework at a basic level, and lays a strong foundation for additional Agile study.


This is an entry level course. No prerequisites. Take this class before taking the A Deeper Dive Into The Agile Framework, Agile User Story Writing Class, or any other Agile class.

Measurable Objectives

The participant will leave the class with a good high-level understanding of the Agile Framework. They will know how the Agile Framework came to be, the Values and Principles that guide the different Agile approaches (Lean, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Scrum, ect). Participants will get a strong first look at the Scrum Framework, which is the most commonly used framework in Agile.

This class is good for Project Managers, People Managers, Executives working with the Agile Framework, or anyone who wants to learn the common concepts and theme found in Agile.

Course outline

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  • What is Agile?
  • Agile Values and Principles
  • Why Choose Agile?
  • How Is Agile Different?
  • Different Agile Methods (Lean, Kanban, eXtreme Programming)
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Agile Planning
  • Agile Estimating
  • Transparency and How To Show Progress
  • Impediments To Agile