Show Me the Numbers: How to Build Winning Dashboards

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If you are responsible for presenting information or manage those who do, this workshop is for you.  Many experienced analysts often create graphs that are difficult to read, don’t convey the correct information, or accidentally leave the audience with incorrect understanding of the data presented. This is risky and can lead to bad decisions. Further, it is avoidable.  Information does not speak for itself.  Information relies on us to give it a clear voice and tell the story.  No information is more critical than numbers that reveal what is happening, how we are performing, or how we can improve.

The reality is that very few people have been trained on how to properly present data in tables and charts the most appropriate way. The good news is that these design skills are quick to learn in the classroom.

This course is based on the bestselling visual analytics book by Stephen Few Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten.  Each participant receives this book as part of the course.

 Workshop Objectives

  • Learn to make tables and graphs that are easy for your audience to understand
  • Make key insights and important information within the data clear and obvious
  • Reduce risks of conveying incorrect or wrong information within dashboards

Workshop Outcomes

  • When to present data as a table
  • When to present data as a graph
  • How to design consistent dashboards that communicate effectively
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes such as misusing color
  • How to choose the best chart for various scenarios
  • Make key insights on dashboards and stories obvious to audiences
  • Harness the visual analysis systems in our brain to convey information
Course Information
  • Course Level:Intermediate
  • Prerequisite:Experience working with Excel or other data manipulation software
  • Credit:CPE Hours: 8, PDU’s: 7.5, PDHs: 8
  • Fee:$495
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live

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