Maximizing the Employee Appraisal Process to Motivate Others to Peak Performance

Workshop Summary:

The Employee Performance Appraisal Process provides a mechanism for employees to contribute to the achievement of their employer’s vision and objectives and facilitates communication between employee and supervisor that includes input and feedback on performance. It is a highly valuable tool that enables managers to hold their employees accountable, support their growth and development, and ensure the highest level of productivity possible. Yet most are hesitant, and at times, fearful of the process due to the high potential for difficult conversations and delivery of what employees perceive as criticism.

In this highly engaging and interactive workshop, participants will come to appreciate the value of the Employee Appraisal Process, motivating them to develop and implement a structured and results-driven method of evaluating others and serving as a catalyst for change and improvement. They will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to navigate through difficult conversations, hold others accountable, and develop individuals and teams to peak performance.

Workshop Objectives:
  • To present a business case for implementing an Employee Appraisal Process.
  • To recognize the need for corporate and organizational values and mission.
  • To differentiate between managing and leading.
  • To examine the components of an Employee Appraisal Process.
  • To understand the need for employee participation in the appraisal process and how to elicit it in all phasesv
  • To develop strategies to prepare employees for the appraisal process.
  • To learn methods on how to navigate through difficult conversations using effective communication skills.
  • To learn common appraisal errors and how to reduce them.
  • To develop strategies on how to give feedback.
  • To demonstrate the ability to facilitate effective and positive interactions within the appraisal process.
Workshop Outcomes:
  • An appreciation of the value of an Employee Appraisal Process.
  • An understanding of the connection between corporate and organization mission and values and goal setting.
  • An understanding of the difference between managing and leading others.
  • A knowledge of each component of the appraisal process and how to effectively manage each.
  • The ability to use effective communication skills to navigate through difficult conversations.
  • Strategies on how to give feedback.
  • To be aware of common appraisal errors and how to avoid them.
  • The ability to serve as a catalyst of change and improvement for your employees.
Workshop Format:
  • Education and training provided by a knowledgeable and experienced workshop facilitator.
  • Experimental learning activities.
  • Application exercises that will lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts and potential outcomes.
  • Group exercises and discussions.
  • Role-playing sessions that allow participants to put theory into practice.

Cancellation Policy: 5 working days for full refund. Cancellations after that time are charged full tuition for the course.

For more information regarding refund, concerns, and/or program cancellation policies please contact our offices at 919-878-7100 ext. 22

Course Information
  • Course Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisite:None
  • Credit:PDU/PDH/PDC: 7.5
  • Fee:$395
  • Length:1 day
  • Hours:8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
  • Delivery:Instructor Led/Group Live

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