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Please note that you won’t see the outlines for the Tips & Time Savers Courses.  We have those for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Each class is a full day, but we have combined half-days for two topics in one day by cutting back on materials.  We have also highlighted the best of Microsoft Office apps and do a one-day MS Office Tips & Time Savers.  The classes are non-stop tips, shortcuts, etc. which would require a syllabus of every keystroke!  The are fantastic!

Microsoft Hands On Courses

Access 2013/2016 Crash Course: Learn Access in Two Days! (Logical Operations Level 1 & 2)
Access 2013/2016 Level I Introduction
Access 2013/2016 Level II Intermediate

All Excel classes were developed by KSI instructors!

Excel 2013/2016 Crash Course: Learn Excel in Two Days!
Excel 2013/2016 Level I Foundations
Excel 2013/2016 Level II Intermediate
Excel 2013/2016 Level III Advanced Topics
Excel 2013/2016 Functions, Formulas, and Pivot Tables for the Advanced User
Excel 2016: Data Tables & PivotTables Featuring PowerPivot

Excel Macros and VBA Level 1
Excel Macros and VBA Level 2
Extreme Excel:  Features & Functionality for the Power User

Microsoft Office OneNote 2016 (Logical Operations Course)

PowerPoint Crash Course: Learn PowerPoint in One Day! (KSI Course)

Project 2013/2016 Level I Foundations (Logical Operations Course)
Project 2013/2016 Level II Advanced (Logical Operations Course)

Visio 2013 Level I (Logical Operations Course)
Visio 2013 Advanced (Logical Operations Course)

Word 2013/2016 Crash Course:  Learn Word in One Day! (KSI Course)

Emerging Technology Training Courses

We will be adding our additional Cyber Security courses for certification in the coming weeks.  The below courses are both designed for end-users; however, the Full Frontal Assault is a newer class which leans more towards social engineering threats.

Cyber Security:  It’s Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link
Cyber Security:  Full Frontal Assault – Threats, Vulnerabilities, & Countermeasures
Demystifying IT:  From the Cloud to the Bottom Line
Technology Toolbox- Tech Trends & Tips for CPAs

Social Media Courses

Digital Citizenship:  Translation Social Skills to a Virtual World
Leveraging LinkedIn—The Most Powerful of All Social Media Networks
Personal Branding:  Believe, Become and Be Your Brand