Proposed Courses for Lenovo Business Transformation IT Team

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Knowledge Source Inc. is proud to partner with Lenovo for this mission critical training program.  Below are examples of courses in Cloud Computing, Enterprise Achitecture, Agile Development, and Agile Development and Testing that could be offered as a development path or certificate program for Lenovo’s technical teams.  Knowledge Source Inc. is committed to providing the approriate courses structured in a way that meets Lenovo’s demanding business requirements.  KSI can provide flexibility in class length and location including either onsite or in KSI’s facility as group courses.  We’ve delivered training for your teams here in the US, in Beijing and Shenzhen, and in Bratislava.  We can discuss your teams in China and what might work best for their classes based on our past experiences.

We invite you to review the course outlines and pricing models individually outlined below.  Just click on each title for pricing and full course descriptions.  We have provided corporate group rates for each course.

Thank you so much for, once again, choosing Knowledge Source Inc. as your trusted training partner at Lenovo.  I look forward to your feedback and welcome any questions you may have.

Cloud Computing Primer

Architecture Foundation Workshop

Enterprise Architecture Practioner’s Guide

Real World Agile and Scrum Training for Teams

Agile Testing