Before Risk Becomes Reality:  What’s Your Plan?

Open Enrollment Course Dates:  12/3, 12/22

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Course Length: 1 day
PDUs: 7.5
PDHs: 7.5
Course Fee: $395
Course Hours: 8:30 a.m -4:30 p.m.

Course Description:

This risk management course is for everyone – whether you work in a functional business unit or project management.  The risk management tools and techniques that are used in business are fairly standard and we’ll teach you to apply them with the appropriate soft skills so that they are effective.  This class is for both beginners who want to learn risk management tools  and and for experience personnel who want to learn to tailor the tools to their organization.

Course Content:

  • Risk Management Plan – Keep it simple, our risk management plan fits on a single sheet in a Microsoft Word document or two Microsoft PowerPoint slides.
  • Risk Identification – The key to identifying risks is to have a variety of tools so that you have the right tool for the situation and you can keep introducing new tools so the risk identification process doesn’t get stale.  We’ll teach eight different Risk identification tools that will help you identify all of the risks that you face.
  • Soft Skills – This is the element that most Risk Management Classes overlook.  You can learn the mechanics of risk identification tool by reading a book but, you can’t apply it unless you have the soft skills.  You will develop these soft skills through our Risk Identification exercises and expert coaching of our instructor.
  • Risk Register – The secret to capturing, communicating, monitoring and controlling risks is the Risk Register.  In this class we’ll utilize the Knowledge Source Inc Risk Register which is an and Excel Workbook which included both a Threat Matrix and an Opportunity Matrix as well as graphic displays to assist in Monitoring and Controlling your risks.  If you choose you may take the Knowledge Source Inc with you back to your work place.
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis – develop a Probability and Impact Matrix that meets your company and project needs and properly reflects you’re your Risk Attitude.  Then with the right Probability and Impact Matrix learn to rank your risks from highest to lowest so you know what to attack first.
  • Plan Risk Response – Learn the four risk responses for Threats as well as the four risk responses for Opportunities.  We’ll also delve into the funding risk responses and what must be fully funded and what can be included as an Expected Monetary Value in a reserve account.