Presentation Skills:  Beyond the Bullet

Open Enrollment Course Dates: TBA

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Course Length: 1 day
PDUs: 7
PDHs: 7
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Course Fee: $345
Course Hours: 8:30 a.m.  – 4:30 p.m.

In Presentation Skills: Beyond the Bullet you will learn to communicate in formal and informal presentations.  Together we fight the corporate trend of supporting “Death by PowerPoint”.  We use PowerPoint and other tools to maximize their effectiveness.  Make your reports and presentations clear, concise and relevant.  With Presentation Skills: Beyond the Bullet you will improve your speaking skills, polish your ability to facilitate and become a more complete communicator.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn the different types of presentation and how to prepare for each
  • Learn to tell a story with your presentation
  • Identify and define your audience
  • Develop a process of gathering and researching your material
  • Learn to state your presentation goal in 25 words or less
  • Learn the art of brevity
  • Embrace the concept of “less is more”
  • Learn how to use visuals for maximum impact
  • Learn to effectively use graphs and charts in a presentation
  • Develop an understanding of the setting for the presentation
  • Manage the expectations of your audience
  • Develop a logistics plan before the presentation
  • Know what can go wrong and how to prevent it
  • Learn the 6 fatal flaws of presentation prep
  • Learn what to wear and what not to wear
  • Develop a connection with your audience
  • Develop your “back pocket” skills at improvisation
  • Master the strong finish; know when you are done.