Lean Office Principles for Working Smarter Not Harder

Course Dates: 10/12, 12/5, 12/19
 Instructor Led/Group Live
Prerequisites/Advanced Knowledge: None
Course Level: Basic
$395/single participant (call for group and/or on-site pricing)
CPE Hours: 8


This   course   provides   an   overview   of   Lean   and   will   identify   value   added   and   non-­‐value    added   activities   within   office   environments.   Lean   concept   and   tools   will   be   provided    during   the   training   and   each   attendee   will   be   able   to   confidently   identify   and   eliminate    waste   within   workplace   as   well   as   deploy   use   of   Lean   Methodology   and   tools.   The   class    will   also   equip   attendees   to   provide   ongoing   efforts   to   improve  processes   on   a    continuous   basis.

There   is   also   a   final   exam   requirement   for   certification.   Exam   is   given   at   end   of   the   day.

After   completing   this   class,   you   should   be   able   to   do   the   following:

Identify and eliminate waste within the workplace and all its forms.

A Process is a Process is a Process


This   class   will   prepare   attendees   to   become   an   effective   member   of   a   process    improvement   team   and   advance   to   Lean   Six   Sigma   methodologies   for   engagement   in    Lean   Six   Sigma   training   including   projects   intended   to   help   organizations   perform   better    and   improve   on   company’s   bottom   line.


Lean   Office   Course   –   Knowledge   Source,   Inc.

Lean   Principle   Group   courses   provide   content-­‐on-­‐demand   to   offer   the   highest   degree    for   individual   learning.     As   you   work   through   the   course   you   will   be   asked   to   demonstrate   knowledge   and    understanding   in   three   ways:

• Interactive   exercises   provided   throughout   each   session   to   enhance    learning   skills   and   for   immediate   feedback.     Coaching   offered.

• Supplemental   Tools   will   be   presented   at   the   end   of   every   session   to    practice   new   concepts.   Coaching   offered   during   each   session.

• Practice   Exams   will   be   conducted   at   the   end   of   every   session.   Practice    exams   are   interactive,   and   provide   immediate   feedback   to   maximize   the    learning   loop   (Lean   Six   Sigma   specifics   –   OPTIONAL).


Lean   Office   certification   will   be   awarded   based   on   the   following   requirement: 95% attendance Successful completion of final exam (Score of 80% or   better) Demonstration of body of knowledge as presented during class activities and  assignments.


Materials Provided by  Lean Principle Group

The course   shall   use   industry   approved   Lean   Tools   and   Microsoft® Office®  templates for problem solving. The templates are available as downloads within the course material. Materials Provided by Student/Company

• General-­‐purpose forms distributed during class time.

• OPTIONAL -­ Microsoft Office (Word,   Excel,   PowerPoint). Office 2003 or higher is recommended. Office 97 and 2000 do not take advantage of all  downloadable template features.


Ability to contact the Course Instructor by email for day days  following training.