Essential Project Manager:  Practical Skills for Getting Things Done

Open Enrollment Course Dates:12/16

Course Length: 1 day
PDUs: 7
PDHs: 7
PMI Activity  ID# 000493
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Course Fee: $395
Course Hours:  8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

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Course Objective:  The student will demonstrate an understanding in a straight forward model of project management and show the ability to use that model to plan and deliver projects.

Overview: Simplifies complex concepts concerning projects.  People tend to complicate things.  Projects are no exception.  We will learn a straight forward philosophy of how to manage projects successfully, large and small.

This model of success is based on 3 essential qualities that all successful project managers embody: leadership, effective communications and implementation of appropriate structure to the project.

Leadership, Communications and Structure are the triad of success for project managers and Essential Project Manager: Practical Skills for Getting Things Done shows the student how to develop these qualities and how to use them in their professional lives.


  • Understand how to simplify the complexity of communications within a group
  • Understand how project managers are leaders
  • Identify leadership qualities and how to maintain them
  • Build leadership tactics that are useful in projects
  • Understand communication in projects
  • Develop interpersonal communications tactics
  • Build successful communications with virtual and cross-cultural teams
  • Understand deliverables in terms of communication of completed requirements
  • Embrace the concept of C3: Clear, Concise and Complete
  • Evaluate the structure inherent in an organization
  • Understand how specific project structure affects project success
  • Implement the appropriate structure for the project to drive the project to success
  • Learn to integrate your leadership and communication skills to drive a project to success.