Leadership Fundamentals

Open Enrollment Course  Dates: on-site group training

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Course Length: 7.5 hours
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Course Fee: $395
Course Hours: 8:30 – 4:15

Overview: The workplace is becoming more complex and the need to be more self-aware couldn’t be greater. Additionally, to get things done, we need to become more collaborative.
This two-part workshop is designed both for a general audience as well as first-line supervisors/managers who need to get things done with others.
The workshop is engaging, interactive and fun!


The one day program is designed for individual leaders within organizations who want to know more about themselves to improve their effectiveness in:

  • Developing Self-awareness
  • Increasing Self-knowledge
  • Improving Work performance
  • Building and sustaining work relationships
  • Improving Influence
  • Increasing Satisfaction


  • Learn the specific mix of what you bring to the workplace: A focus on people, ideas, data or results-and the impact of that on teams and performance
  • Learn what motivates you at work
  • Identify your strengths and how you may under/over use them, and
  • How to maximize your strengths at work
  • How to address developmental challenges, and
  • Create a develop plan for life


  • Identify your natural way of interacting
  • Know your strengths and how to leverage them for increased effectiveness
  • Know how you engage (or not) in conflict and make decisions
  • Understand how you work with others
  • Create a development plan with what you will do differently starting the next day

Leading Teams-Understanding and Leveraging Team Dynamics to Improve Performance and Satisfaction

If you are a leader of teams who are experiencing any of the following, this one day program is for you.

  • Team members are not clear about why they are on the team and what they are supposed to be doing,
  • Team members are confused about their role and contribution,
  • Members are not trusting each other or you, as the leader
  • Members are in conflict and not getting work done
  • Members are not clear about the way forward
  • People are apathetic and not showing up for meetings


  • Learn a 6 step framework that will unlock high levels of team performance for you and your team,
  • Learn 3 ways to build trust in a team
  • Identify roadblocks that can derail any team, and learn what to do to address them
  • Learn to diagnose at what stage of development your team is, and how to move them to a higher level of performance
  • Learn the tips to improve implementation