Microsoft® Visio® 2013: Advanced

Course Length: 1 day
Prerequisites:  Microsoft® Visio® 2013:  Level I or demonstrated proficiency
Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced Topics
Course Fee:  $395
Course Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

This course builds on the concepts and skills taught in Visio 2013: Level I. Students will learn how to work with layers, create custom shapes, themes, stencils and templates, and create business and project management diagrams. They will also learn how to integrate Visio with other Office programs, and create software and database diagrams.
Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Creating technical layouts
Topic A: Layers
Topic B: Drawing scales
Topic C: Displaying shape dimensions
Unit 2: Custom themes and templates
Topic A: Custom themes
Topic B: Custom templates
Unit 3: Custom shapes and stencils
Topic A: Special drawing operations
Topic B: Shape behaviors
Topic C: Custom stencils
Unit 4: Business diagrams and Web site mapping
Topic A: Block, tree, and onion diagrams
Topic B: Flowcharts
Topic C: Organization charts
Topic D: Project management diagrams
Topic E: Web site maps
Unit 5: Integrating Visio with other programs
Topic A: Integration with Microsoft Word
Topic B: Integration with PowerPoint
Topic C: Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Topic D: Working with Web-enabling features
Unit 6: Software and database diagrams
Topic A: Documenting software systems
Topic B: Database model diagrams