Microsoft® Office 2010: New Features

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Course Length: 1 day
PDUs: 6.5
PMI Activity# 000326
Prerequisites: Familiarity with MS® Office Suite
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Fee: $295

This course covers those features of Microsoft® Office 2010 that are new to the Office system, with dedicated units for the new features of each application. In Word, students will learn to use the Navigation pane and apply new text effects. In Excel they will use sparklines, filter data with slicers, and create a PivotChart. In PowerPoint they will organize slides into sections, edit movie clips, apply animation effects, and learn how to broadcast slide shows. In Outlook they will manage e-mail conversations, create Quick Steps, and use the People Pane. In Access, they will learn how to use the tabbed document window, create Lookup list fields, and use the data type gallery. In addition, students will learn about ribbon customization and Backstage view, and save a file as a PDF.

Unit 1: The Office 2010 interface
Topic A: Office interface elements
Topic B: New Ribbon features
Topic C: Microsoft® Office Backstage view

Unit 2: New Word features
Topic A: Formatting options
Topic B: The Navigation pane

Unit 3: New Excel features
Topic A: Sparklines
Topic B: PivotTables and slicers
Topic C: PivotCharts

Unit 4: New PowerPoint features
Topic A: Reading view
Topic B: Sections
Topic C: Media clips
Topic D: Animations
Topic E: Broadcasting a slide show online

Unit 5: New Outlook features
Topic A: The Outlook interface
Topic B: Conversation management
Topic C: Quick Steps
Topic D: The People Pane

Unit 6: New Access features
Topic A: The Access 2010 environment
Topic B: Data features