Managing Emotions Under Pressure

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Course Length:  1 Day
PDUs:  6.5
PMI Activity ID#: 000392
Prerequisites: none
Advanced Preparation: None

Who should attend:

Both management and administrative staff that experience the pressures of today’s fast-paced work environment can benefit immensely from learning the leading techniques for managing emotions while under pressure.  This course guides participants in examining the cost of unsupportive emotions and how to create empowering emotional states instead.  This isn’t a fluffy, “positive-thinking” seminar.  This course is based on proven techniques that work in the real-world, under real pressure.

Course Overview: 

With the many changes in today’s economic climate, including issues such as downsizing and outsourcing, pressure levels are higher than ever.  At excessive levels, stress and pressure begin to negatively affect performance.  While some thrive under pressure, some are overcome by it.  The difference between being strengthened or weakened by pressure comes down to perception.  This one-day course assists participants in exploring the way in which they perceive and respond to internal and external pressures.  By understanding the way in which they handle pressure, participants can begin to change their perceptions, behaviors, and ultimately the results they are able to create.  The instructor leads this journey into self-discovery and self-awareness by creating a comfortable, interactive environment in which growth and development happens naturally.