Cloud Computing:  Optimizing Mobile Technologies for Your Business

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Course Length:  1 Day
PDUs: 7
Prerequisites:  None
Course Fee:  $345
Course Hours: 8:30 a.m –  4:15 p.m.

Course Outline

Module 1:  Location-Based IT
Participants will identify common tasks requiring IT support.
What business applications do you use?
Which applications do you use at your desk vs. away from the office?
Applications that business users commonly access remotely
How do companies provide remote access to applications today?

Module 2:  Cloud-Based IT
Participants will define cloud services
What is the “Cloud”?
Where are clouds used today?
Who provides cloud services?
How do businesses access cloud services?
What are the differences between iOS/Apple and Android devices?
What are the benefits of cloud services?

Module 3:  IT Security and the Cloud
Partcipants will describe common security threats introduced by cloud services.
What IT security threats do you face now?
What technologies mitigate current security risks?
What threats are unique to mobile devices?
What threats come when access devices are outside your business premises?
What threats arise when corporate data resides outside your business premises?
What technologies exist to safeguard mobile access devices?
How can data communications be safeguarded?
Can data stored in the cloud be protected from compromise?

Lab:  Identifying Steps to Use Cloud-Based IT Services
Access RNR (proprietary cloud solution) desktops from your own devices or from a Knowledge Source Inc. desktop
Load a MS Office application
Create a file and save it to the drop-box
Create a Sync of the RNR Desktop
Infect the RNR desktop with a virus
Roll the RNR
Questions & Answers

Module 4:  Evaluating Cloud Solutions for Your Business
Participants will identify decision criteria for cloud solutions.
How do we classify cloud services?
Can I build my own cloud?
What do I need to create a cloud service?

Module 5:  Comparing Costs of Location-Based and Cloud-Based IT Services
Participants will define expense differences between IT service models.
How much do cloud components cost?
Can I rent cloud services rather than build them?
Who offers various types of cloud services and how much do they cost?

Lab:  Peform an ROI comparison of building vs. renting cloud services using a simplified ROI model.

Class wrap up/Questions & Answers