Dealing with Difficult People

This class is held for corporate groups (minimum of ten participants either at KSI or on-site). 

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Course Length: 1 Day
PDUs: 6.5
PMI Activity#000390
Prerequisites: none
Advanced Preparation: None
Course Fee: $395
Course Hours: 8:30 a.m. –  4:15 p.m.

Who should attend:

For managers, sales, and customer service professionals who deal with ‘difficult’ people on a regular basis, this course is packed with strategies to enable you to not only cope with those situations but to effectively manage them as well. The course takes a thorough look at what causes some people to be difficult and most importantly, what to do about it. By examining your own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, you will have greater control of yourself and your ability to deal with these challenging situations. By taking this course, you will walk away with powerful tools and techniques allowing you to deal with difficult people more effectively.

Course Overview:

Within an increasingly diverse work environment and global economy, there is an even greater potential for conflict in the workplace. This one-day seminar empowers participants with tools and techniques to deal more effectively and constructively with conflict and difference. By learning how to manage expectations and to use powerful communication strategies, conflict can be transformed into collaboration. This course is not about changing others but rather changing our approach to create better results both personally and professionally.